Privacy Portal Registration

Why would I want to register?

Registering with the Privacy Portal will allow you to communicate with our qualified Data Protection Support Team on any question that may have popped up on your end. We will gladly answer all your questions about how we are processing data.

What data do I need to provide?

You will need to provide your email address as well as a password. We email address will be used to send you and activation link for your Privacy Portal account. This process will ensure that you are the owner of this email address. Besides that your email address is only used in case you want to get in touch with our Data Protection Support Team.

What happens next?

Once you submit your registration, the request will be stored in our system and we will send an email to the address you provided. This email will contain an activation link which you need to click to finalize your registration. The link will take you back to this page.

How do you use this data?

We will only use this data for communication purposes within in the Data Protection Support Team. You can at any point in time cancel your registration which will cause all of the data to be permanently deleted on our end.